Cap’s Frozen Lemons (Exclusive)


Cap’s Frozen Lemons = Freezer Burn x Lemon Fire

True headstash level weed

Strong enough to overwhelm even veteran tokers. Can be racy at higher doses

Frozen lemon snow cone screams out of the bag so loud it’s unbelievable. Even non-smokers love the smell

Very potent coffee-like stimulation that also induces munchies!

Tastes like you’re eating frozen lemonade, with a faint touch of skunk on the backend. Absolutely delicious!

Terpinolene rich

Low stretch. Needs a little extra veg time, but stacks dense flowers with great mold resistance. Shows more color at lower temps. Not a washer but makes great live concentrates!

Truly cannot recommend enough. Insane flower that appeals to novices and veterans alike!


From Capulator:

CFL f3 is from a project that stems from my wanting to create a freezerburn with better structure and super lemon haze nose. The F3 accomplishes this for the most part. Smaller, bushier plants with stiff lateral branching and gorgeous flowers that smell like lemon candy. Finishes in 9 weeks.

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