Dulce De Uva – Bloom Seed Co.


This cut was acquired directly from Bloom Seed Co. through their Syndicate program.


Dulce De Uva is top tier exotic cannabis at its finest. She grows perfectly. Not too much stretch but enough to fill in a nice canopy full of solid pine cone size nugs of pure grape and vanilla cake. She hardly grows any leaves, making trimming a breeze and she vegges into the perfect shape every time. No need to top her. Just pack a bunch of them in and throw a trellis on and watch the canopy go straight up and fatten up into nice, chunky buds of purple creaminess. She’s smooth like butter on the smoke. Very creamy smoke but not lung busting. Tastes like a grapey, vanilla cake, grape sherbet maybe but with more vanilla like cake. She’s in my personal garden rotation at the moment and she kills it in harvest weight. She also washes extremely well on top of it all. A killer plant from Bloom Seed Co. 🍇 🍰 🍇

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