G13 skunk (reefermattness cut)

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This strain embodies the epitome of skunkiness that I have ever experienced. If you desire to relive the nostalgic scent of the 90s and early 2000s skunk era, your search ends here.

Moreover, it possesses exceptional washing properties, allowing you to obtain exceptionally potent and aromatic skunky hash.

To ensure a discreet and enjoyable experience, it is imperative to have a reliable carbon filter in place, as it will effectively mitigate any potential odors that might attract the attention of your neighbors.

Duke Diamond notes:
Flower Cycle: 59-65 Days
Yield: Above Average

Morphology: Grow as tight stacked bushes and can become bushier if super cropping or topping is performed. Will stretch almost double their veg size but really stack the bud sites very tightly. Buds are on the slightly denser side with the consistency of stale marshmallows. Flowers will be coated in thick greasy sticky resin with large bulbous gland heads. Makes a great hash producer. Smells range from a sweet citrus skunk, pine tar skunk to a more rancid pine skunk funk.

How does it smoke: Smooth thick hashy incense smoke that lingers in the mouth. Hard hitting fast narcotic buzz. Full body hit. A true munchies on the couch . Great for sleep, muscle relaxation and appetite stimulation.

Growing Notes: Slow to veg but can be sped up using a nitrogen/calcium/fulvic acid combo. In flower they double their starting height and branch nicely. For these girls, we recommend shaping the plants to as many tops as possible. Remove inward growing fans. Strip lower third just prior to inducing flowering. Maintain around 14 day flower. Standard feeding does well. Tweaking shape and micro feeds seem to benefit the grower the most.

Pest Resistance: 7/10
Mold/Mildew Resistance: 8/10
Stress Resistance Notes: No intersex traits were noted through stress testing, however light leakage will dramatically reduce yield.