Gypsie Road (Honey Sticks cut)


Gypsie Road = Garlic Snake Breath x Dual OG

Blueberry candy gas that barely shows its OG lineage in terms of smell…

High vigor plant requires less veg time than most

Huge yields of dense flower that also washes well

Personally pulled over 3 pounds a light on short veg!!


From Honey Sticks:

The unique sister of Bananaconda made with our Garlic Snake Breath as the female instead of Bananaconda, the terms blew us away with this pheno. This flower has no garlic notes, but instead a blueberry candy gas smell that we haven’t smelled before. She tests high, yields big, and dumps hash. She is a money maker, and along with Bananaconda is also a must have entree for top gardens. Her structure is tall like the Bananaconda and her colors are not as purple in all cases About 30% of a harvest with have purple color. She’s another heavy hitter of ours that has tested at 35% cannabinoids multiple times.

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