White RNTZ (Compound cut)


WHITE RNTZ! Gelato 33 X Zkittlez*.

Notes from CLTVTD

She has an average stretch and will tend to finish anywhere around 8.5-9 weeks indoors. The inner nodal spacing potential is tight which will provide a beautiful stacking effect. The WHITE RNTZ responds well to early vegetative bulking and a longer generative period from start of week 7 for a quality bud structure caked with trichomes. The unique terpene profile can tend to have a sweet & sour candy front with a gas backside that leaves a creative, yet sedative entourage effect.

Categories: Candy Gas, Fuel, gas, Gelato Tags: Candy Gas, Caryophyllene, Exotics, Gas, Humulene, Limonene, Loud, Purple, White RNTZ

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